Startup Founders: It's Okay To Take A Break

Loren BurtonMarch 27, 2012

Running a startup is loads of work. It demands vast amounts of time, effort, and energy. It’s tough to gain traction and it’s tough to keep going. There’s pressure from colleagues, family, and friends. You may have employees who depend on you and investors with high expectations. That’s a lot to deal with. We know that.

So how you could you possibly give up even a minute of your day with so much to do and so little time?

Well, here’s the thing: we don’t want your work to consume you. We want you to be happy and we want you to succeed. It’s okay to take a break and stop working to enjoy life for a bit. Really.

Startup folks like lists, so here’s a list of reasons why you should take a break:

1) Nobody will think less of you if you enjoy life sometimes

You put in long hours. You work mornings, afternoons, nights and weekends. During the little sleep you get, you dream about your startup. We won’t think any less of you if you take a break or disappear once in a while. We won’t think you’re slacking. We already know you’re a hard worker.

2) Your startup won’t die overnight

Whether your startup is early stage or has millions of users, chances are you can put it on autopilot for a few hours. The internet doesn’t turn off when you leave your computer. It’s always on, even if you’re not there. Just like successful startups aren’t born overnight, they won’t die overnight.

3) Fresh ideas will present themselves

This is the best part. Chances are you’re so caught up in the little, meaningless details that you’ve actually lost sight of what’s important – or your sight is at least a bit blurred (figuratively). Stepping away from your startup will help you realize what matters and where to focus. Who knows, you may even find that killer feature you’ve been waiting for. The world is full of ideas, and they’ll find you if you let them.

So that’s that. Please take a break. Please enjoy your life.