I can't spell 'Textmate'

Loren BurtonJune 26, 2013

I use Spotlight in OSX to launch applications and switch between applications. I use it hundreds of times a day (maybe thousands), and it's ridiculously fast and efficient, usually finding the application after the first few keystrokes (read: milliseconds).

UNLESS I spell the application name wrong. Then I have to retype, and my whole flow is momentarily thrown off. It's not a huge deal - I've been putting up with it for years, simply because I've never thought to fix it.

Well, today I thought to fix it, and it took under 60 seconds. My common one is 'textmate', misspelled as 'texmate' [1]. So I made an alias for the Textmate app in the applications folder, and called it 'Texmate'. Now, even when I accidentally type 'texmate', spotlight will find the correct application. Boom. Simple and elegant.

Screen Shot 2013-06-25 at 5.01.49 PM

[1] I know, who uses Textmate these days anyway?! And the original? Not even Textmate 2? I do. Because it works, and I love the simplicity and robustness.