End the week with something

Loren BurtonJanuary 14, 2014

Patrick Mckenzie (@patio11), on how to push forward:

The thought which kept me going on a few hundred nights and Saturdays: I have worked 70 hours this week for a giant megacorp. As of this instant, none of that work matters. I will get to keep absolutely none of it. After I have separated from this megacorp, nobody will remember it. Now I have a choice with my one hour: do I watch television, and end the week with nothing, or do I spend one hour on my business, and end the week with something?

End the week with something. If you make a habit of this, you can crawl out of virtually anything. (n.b. Don't take a job at a Japanese megacorp if you can avoid it, but that and similar situations are survivable.)

The AMA on Betalist is fantastic.